Scrum is defined completely in the Scrum Guide by Ken Schwaber and Jeff Sutherland, the originators of Scrum.

Translations provided by the generous individuals and groups listed below. Please select the guide in the language you would like to download.

If you have have found a possible translation error with the Scrum Guide please contact the translator directly. If you need additional support please contact

Official Version

Language Translations By Action
English (November 2017) - Official Current Version Ken Schwaber & Jeff Sutherland

Community Translations

Language Translations By Action
Afrikaans (July 2016*) Joan, Marike, and Dr. Pieter van Zyl
Albanian (November 2017) Dorina Bebja and Eleonora Qipo
Arabic (November 2017) Yasser Marey
Belarusian (November 2017) Konstantin Razumovsky
Catalan (July 2016*) David Martin
Chinese (Simplified) (November 2017) Jiancheng Zhou
Chinese (Traditional) (November 2017) Andrew Lin
Croatian (November 2017) Davor Cengija
Danish (November 2017) Stig Efsen
Dutch (November 2017) Ruud Rietveld
English (Audio version) (November 2017)

Michael Vizdos

English (ePub version) (November 2017)

Pierre Roudier

Finnish (November 2017) Agile Finland
French (November 2017) Kamel Kaouech
Georgian (November 2017) Tsitsi Dalakishvili
German (November 2017) German Scrum Translators
German Audio (November 2017) Jochen Krebs
Greek (November 2017) Agile Greece
Hebrew (November 2017) Tamir Krispis
Hindi (November 2017) Scrum Guide Hindi Translation Team India
Hungarian (November 2017) Sprint Consulting
Indonesian (November 2017) Joshua Partogi
Italian (November 2017) Scrum Italia Group
Japanese (November 2017) Masanori Kado
Korean (November 2017) Scrum Korean
Lithuanian (November 2017) Darius Juostas
Norwegian (November 2017) Benjamin Sommer and Geir Amsjo
Persian (November 2017) Iran Agile Community
Polish (November 2017) Tomasz Wlodarek
Portuguese Brazilian (November 2017) Fábio Cruz & Eduardo Rodrigues Sucena
Portuguese European (November 2017) Pedro Silva & Mário Pereira
Quichua (July 2016*) Alex Sánchez Gordón & Sandra Sánchez Gordón
Romanian (November 2017) Dan Roman
Russian (November 2017) Scrum Russia
Serbian (November 2017) Bratislav Stankovic & Sasa Jovanovic
Slovak (November 2017) Igor Sandrej
Spanish South American (November 2017) Lucho Salazar
Spanish European (November 2017) David Martin and David Tardini
Swedish (July 2016*) Sebastian Buks
Thai (November 2017) Dahm Mongkol Hongchai
Turkish (November 2017) Agile Turkey
Ukrainian (November 2017) Dmytro Bibikov & SoftServe Inc
Vietnamese (July 2016*) Agile Vietnam

* - The current official version of the Scrum Guide was released in November 2017. Translations of the Scrum Guide with older dates may not contain the most recent information. Please navigate to the Scrum Guide Revision History page to see the major changes.